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Christa's Corner


Christa Medri

Christa's Corner


Bryanston Market PGS  

Christa Medri's farm is situated in the vicinity of Lanseria Airport, Gauteng, and she has a farm stall at the market supplying a variety of delicious and nutritious fresh salad greens, and other seasonal vegetables. Christa also specializes in a variety of fresh sprouts, micro-greens and wheat-grass, which are in great demand with health pundits. Christa, with the assistance of one farm worker, is intimately involved in every aspect of her farm, from cultivating the seedlings, to planting, making compost, tending the vegetable beds and harvesting the crops. She then washes and packs her produce, drives it to market, and personally sells the produce to her loyal and ever-growing customer base. Christa also makes a selection of delicious soups, relishes and vegetable dips. Christa's stall at the market is endorsed as PGS Natural Assurance. This means that her farm has been visited and assessed by the market's PGS committee and found to be compliant with the principles of organic agriculture.

Product Range Description

Salad greens, seasonal vegetables, sprouts, micro-greens, wheat-grass, soups, relishes, and vegetable chips.