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Gift ideas for lovers of knitting and crocheting

Dana Biddle is an authority on yarns, fabrics, knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning and weaving.   She will help you choose the perfect gift for lovers of knitting and crocheting from her wide range of pre-packed gifts.   

Dana began dying her own yarns in the late 1990's when she could not find colours in the shops that matched the colours in her mind for her knitting. Soon she was dying for friends and friends of friends and so it grew. Colourspun - an inspiring example of a successful small business growing out of a hobby. Dana uses only the best quality, earth friendly materials and since all her work is done in small quantities in a studio environment, it is possible for her to provide a huge range of 348 colours for her customers to choose from. 

See Dana at stall 50 in the market, or on our online shop.