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The ultimate in fibre art and craft

Introducing Dana Biddle one would say - Slightly off beat, dancing to her own tune, a fibre artist, consulting editor - Textiles for Stitches and Crafts magazine - author, indie dyer and owner of ColourSpun – Natural  Designer Fabric and Yarn. 

Dana works from her studio in the quiet little town of Heidelberg, Gauteng.   She is inspired by the beauty in things; sometimes in people, sometimes in nature and often in the materials she loves to work with. 

Dana has never used her art to make profound statements or planned her work to express deep feelings or beliefs, preferring to keep it light hearted and fun. Her latest works though, are inspired by people, both famous and not, with the determination and courage to stand up for what they believe is right.    She has had work exhibited at home in South Africa, in the U.K., Brazil, Europe, U.S.A., Japan and New Zealand. 

In Dana’s words: “Spending my days in my studio, immersed in colour, surrounded by and doing everything I love, I realize how privileged I am to be able to work at my passion. I don’t   follow rules but do believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing well.”