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Functional fabric from wildlife photography

Wild Threads grew from a dual interest in photography and nature, together with a wish to capture the simple and complex beauty of our African environment.   From this grew the germ of an idea to use digitally printed fabrics to develop designs, highlighting these images and textures, and making functional fabric  pieces.     In 2015 the first steps were taken to develop these products and commence selling them in pop up shops and small  retailers  while learning and improving the designs and printing process.

The work of Wild Threads explores the use of the natural patterns in many of our iconic mammals showing that whilst in nature these patterns are used to camouflage from and confuse the  predators, they can be used to dazzle and enhance in the  home  environment, bringing wildlife art and craft into modern homes.

The range of textile products  offered by Wild Threads includes wall hangings, cushions, throws,  tablecloths, notebook fabric covers and some other smaller items.