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Ultimate nutrition for increased energy, strength and vitality

Kathryn du Boisson of Bare Treats started her raw food company 7 years ago, as a result of her nutritional needs as a professional triathlete.   Following extensive research into the body’s need for the benefits of wholesome raw and natural food to create ultimate energy and endurance, Kathryn started experimenting with ingredients to create energy and protein bars and meal replacement snacks that could be enjoyed “on the go” while best feeding her body.

Today she offers a range of these products, all hand made from the best quality natural ingredients.   These are gluten, lactose and preservative free with no added sugars.   Vegan products which are diary free are also on offer.     A special service offered is “design your own bar” where you are allowed to choose the ingredients from start to finish.  Come and see for yourself the vast range of fruits, nuts, seeds and natural flavours that can be combined to suit your palate.

A unique offer at the stall is a snack box for R200 containing 20 treats of your choice that can be popped into children’s lunchboxes or used as healthy snacks.   Kathryn also offers advice on turning these delicious treats into smoothies which can be consumed as a meal.

Find Bare Nature at stall 43 in the market