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Healthy, wholesome vegan fuel food

Autumn is the time to nourish and fuel your mind, body and soul in preparation for the colder weather that lies ahead.   What better way to do so than with whole foods that are seasonal, raw, organic and sourced directly from the earth.   The added bonus is that these whole foods are also free from refined sugar, dairy free,  mostly gluten free and definitely free from added preservatives.

This autumn, enjoy wholesome farm to table food supplied by the renowned Antonia da Luca of Leafy Greens.   Not only does their stall contain all the goodness building fuel food that you will need to stay healthy and full of vitality this autumn, but Antonia’s latest book  - Antonia’s Way, on sale at the stall, will give you all the inspiration that you need to whip up delectably fresh and healthy meals throughout the year.

Now also available online.   Please visit our shop.