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Primal Protein Hydrolysed Collagen Refill Pack


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Primal Protein Hydrolysed Collagen Refill Pack

Pure Primal

R 355.00


General Product Description
Primal Protein Hydrolysed Collagen provides bioavailable protein without the carb count to skin, hair and nail growth, joint health/recovery, tighten loose skin, help improve tone/cellulite. May improve digestion by binding to water and help food move more easily though the digestive tract. The hydrolysed collagen protein has specific amino acids to build muscle and enhance body toning. It is the best choice for premature aging prevention and youthful vitality. Protects joints and cartilage, and regenerate ligaments and tendons. Facilitates tissue regeneration. Reduces inflammation and joint pain, alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis. Strengthens and repairs blood vessels to help improve circulation.

Product Size
New size: 500g

Care/Cleaning/Storage Instructions
Keep out of direct sunlight

Other Product Information
Use in Coffee (BPC), water, tea, smoothies, yogurt, omelette, cereal, ice-cream and in protein pancakes. It dissolves easily, does not gelatinize and has no nasty taste/smell.

Raw materials used: 100% NATURAL Pure Hydrolyzed BEEF Collagen Peptides. Halal Certified. FREE FROM: Animal testing, Water, Alcohols, Gluten, Soya, Dairy, Sulphates, Harsh Detergents (any detergents!), Petro-Chemicals and Mineral oils, Artificial Colours, Fragrances and ingredients created in a lab, Parabens, Preservatives, Any strange chemicals you can't pronounce
Size: New size: 500g
Weight: 0.5Kg
Product Code: 2760



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