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Give yourself the gift of glowing health and ageless beauty

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?   Told you are fine but know you are not?

Book a FREE 15-minute health scan with 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE, who will help you to uncover the root causes of stress, pain and discomfort in your body.   This accurate and non-biased assessment identifies and validates risk factors and necessary lifestyle changes on which you are offered expert advice.   You will have the option of purchasing unique, natural and pure ingredients to reset, restore and rejuvenate natural growing health 365, so that you can think clearly and live productively.

This free offer is available eachThursday and Saturday at the market from 10am to 2pm.  Please phone 011 7063671 to make an appointment or consult Jane Mackenzie of 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE at stall 18

Primarily a Nutrition Consulting Pharmacist assessing the root cause of disease and thereafter solving health problems naturally, Jane Mackenzie has spent the last 30 years investigating disease, illness, symptoms, treatments, cures, nutrition and sustainable health.    Achieving sustainable and abundant health required a multi-dimensional and interdependent approach encompassing Regenerative, Intelligent, High Frequency, Nutrient Dense Food and Herbs and Lifestyle Factors, such as, sunshine, pure water, fresh air, exercise, emotions and thoughts.  Jane believes that "you are what you eat" and "what you think happens".   In addition to her consultancy work, she does corporate and one-on-one Personal Health Scans, workshops, seminars and talks and is the owner and founder of 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICERead more