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Bulbalo Aloe Liquid


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Bulbalo Aloe Liquid

Julmir Organics

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General Product Description
The Bulbalo Aloe Liquid is a detoxifying and immune boosting health drink. It is very effective for gastro-intestinal disorders such as hyper-acidity, stomach discomfort, spastic colon, irritable bowl syndrome, constipation, acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, gastric & duodenal ulcers. Is known to balance blood sugar levels, to help lower cholesterol, to help restore PH-balance of the body, to have anti-inflammatory properties. Externally can be used for burns & fungal infections.

Product Size
1 liter

Other Product Information
Adults 50ml two to three times a day. Can be taken with water or juice.

Raw materials used: Aloe Ferox Gel Extract
Size: 1 liter
Weight: 1Kg
Product Code: 4204



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