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Primal Colostrum


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Primal Colostrum

Pure Primal

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General Product Description
Pure Primal Colostrum is RAW, Free Range and Never been Frozen or defatted. It is the most dense, nutritional supplement provided and packaged by mother nature, unaltered. For this reason, many lactose intolerant individuals may actually benefit hugely with our Colostrum.

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Other Product Information
Beneficial for: immune system (immunoglobulin boost), healing of injuries, repairing of nervous system damage, gut health and metabolism, improvement of mood and sense of well-being, slowing and reversing of aging, killing of bacteria and fungus, endurance and lean muscle-mass, healthy joints & cartilage, cognitive function, inflammations

Raw materials used: Free Range, Grass Fed LOCAL Colostrum
Size: 100g
Weight: 0.1Kg
Product Code: 4111



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