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Bokashi Bran


Made in SA  

Bokashi Bran

Helga's Herbs

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General Product Description
Bokashi is wheaten-bran that has been infused with effective microorganisms used to treat food waste in domestic and commercial kitchens. Bokashi Bran can decompose food waste in half the time of conventional composting methods, without attracting unpleasant odours, flies or vermin.

Other Product Information
Bokashi Bran is the only Bokashi in South Africa commercially manufactured using the original EM from Dr Teruo Higa in Japan. The microbes in EM are non-hamrful, non-pathogenic, not genetically-energised or modified, and not chemically synthesized.

Raw materials used: Wheaten-bran infused with effective microorganisms
Weight: 1Kg
Product Code: 4055



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