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Sting Wrap XL

Sting Wraps

R 110.00


General Product Description
An eco-friendly, sustainable and natural alternative to plastic wrap for food. 100% cotton cloth infused with organic beeswax, coconut oil & tree resin. Used instead of plastic wrap to cover bowls, store fruit, vegetables & cheese, pack sandwiches & snacks

Product Size
36 x 36 cm

Care/Cleaning/Storage Instructions
Rinse with lukewarm water or wash gently with lukewarm water & a mild soap. Do not use in oven or microwave. Do not put in washing machine

Other Product Information
Perfect for covering larger bowls & casseroles, wrapping larger vegetables & fruit such as pumpkin and watermelon. Makes a wonderful gift when wrapped around flowers. This product is re usable and will last you many months. Kinder to the environment; prettier in your kitchen!

Raw materials used: 100% Cotton, beeswax, coconut oil, tree resin
Colours: Mixed
Size: 36 x 36cm
Weight: 0.041Kg
Product Code: 2833




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