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Woodstain Birdfeeder


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Woodstain Birdfeeder

Violet Moon

R 480.00


General Product Description
Spoil your little garden friends with a hand-crafted, one of a kind bird feeder made from self-grown calabashes. They provide excellent feeding stations for your small to medium-sized garden birds. The bird feeder can be hung in an appropriate spot in your garden to attract all sorts of birds to your property. Once the word gets out, they’ll be queuing for their turn.

Product Size
Size and shape of calabash/gourd will vary. Average girth, 50cm. Average length 28cm.

Care/Cleaning/Storage Instructions
Hang in the shade and make sure it does not knock against anything in the event of wind. Varnish once a year after the rainy season. In the event of a major storm, bring it inside for safekeeping.

Other Product Information
It takes birds a week or two to become acustomed to the birdfeeder. A hole has been drilled at the bottom for water drainage.

Please note, each item is made by hand, so your item may differ slightly from the image.

Raw materials used: Home grown calabash/gourd; Wood stain; Wooden beads; Strong metal strings. Hand painted with various colours of woodstain, varnished inside and out with exterior varnish. Lines are burned in with a pyrography tool.
Colours: Various shades of woodstain
Size: Size and shape will vary.
Weight: 0.13Kg
Product Code: 2393



Availability:  Hand-crafted in 7 working days.


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