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Glyco-Fix 180caps


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Glyco-Fix 180caps

The Green Goodies Company

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General Product Description
Cellular nourishment for optimal health. GLYCO–FIX has glyconutrients that contain a blend of 8 naturally occurring sugars, specific carbohydrates called saccharides, that are found in certain plants. Glyco-Fix supplies essential monosaccharides and some fatty acids to the body. GLYCO–FIX boosts the immune system, assists with auto immune system balancing, restores energy and helps as an anti-inflammatory.

Product Size
180 capsules

Raw materials used: Aloe ferrox powder, Evening primrose powder Mannitol, Aloe ferrox gel, Fenugreek extract powder, Neem bark powder, Amla Extract powder, Flax seed oil powder, Oligi fructose, Astragalus extract, Glucosamine, Beer yeast , Green tea extract, Psyllium husk powder, Bitter melon extract, Glucosamine sulphate powder, Shitake mushroom powder, Black currant extract, Guar gum powder, Spirullina, Boswelia powder, Gum Arabic powder, Turmeric powder, Cayenne pepper powder, Hawthorn berry extract, Whey concentrate, Chlorella powder, Inulin, Wild yam root, Chondroitin sulphate bovine, Kelp, Xanthum gum, Cordyceps, Lecithin powder, Xylitol, Echinacea leaf powder, Malto Dextrine , Zepufa powder, Magnesium searate, Aerosol 200.
Size: 180 capsules
Weight: 0.12Kg
Product Code: 2058



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