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Fire Engine


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Fire Engine

Classical Wooden Toys

R 300.00


General Product Description
Every boy's dream - put out fires (hose unwinds and then rewinds onto hose reel) and climb the ladder (swing around 360 degree) while the siren is letting everyone know that the heroes are attending a fire. This wooden toy is hand-made with love.

Product Size
About 35cm long, 11cm high (with ladder down) and 8cm wide

Please note, each item is made by hand, so your item may differ slightly from the image.

Raw materials used: Reclaimed wood
Colours: Natural
Size: About 35cm long
Weight: 0.38Kg
Dimension:  350mm (length) x 80mm (width) x 110mm (height)
Product Code: 1855



Availability:  Hand-crafted in 3 working days.


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