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Soft hands and heels

Smooth, silky hands and heels in winter? Why on earth not?! Pure Primal have blended selected essential oils into buttery, free-range tallow and virgin, cold-pressed oils to hydrate and brighten rough, dry skin. When you feed your skin what it hungers for, you give it the tools to look after itself – the way it was designed to do. The human skin and free-range tallow have so many things in common! Both contain fats which:
Help maintain skin cell integrity;
Allow for easy absorption of nutrients;
Contain the healing, fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E & K

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Hands and Heels - Healing Balm

Hands and Heels - Healing Balm

Colours: Naartjie & Verbena, Jasmijn
Size: 50ml

R 85.00

Pure Primal